Saturday, October 1, 2011


How often have you gone around town, the places you go all the time and know like the back of your hand, and still stumble on something new?  "Now when did they put that there??"  Only to find it's been there for years, hiding in plain sight?

I have hiked over and driven around Sleeping Giant many, many times.  And everytime I'm on the north side, hiking along Tuttle Ave, I look over at the horse farm and pastures, maybe take a picture, and just keep on hiking by.  You know what?  They play polo back there - have for years, and I never really noticed.  In fact, the polo field has been there for a hundred years!  Maybe I've seen a sign, maybe someone mentioned it, but I've never been back there.

But it's a lot of fun.  Club polo - relaxed, informal, and the riders are happy to have a crowd watching when they play.  Check out Giant Valley Polo Club matches next year - matches run from May to September.  Drive up, pay at the gate (it's a suggested donation), park at the field and enjoy.  Yes, you can even go divot stomping at half time - can't beat that, can you!

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