Thursday, May 31, 2012

Never Forgotten

We're moving soon to an apartment near Clement Park in Littleton.  Ballfields, cookouts, concerts, bike trails - the park is bounded by Johnson Reservoir to the west, and to the east by Columbine High School – home of the Rebels.  When I first drove through Littleton a few months ago, I passed through Columbine and remembered the shootings at the high school thirteen years ago.  I remembered it only vaguely, the details escaped me. 

Last week, I was walking around the reservoir and through the park and I passed a sign, Columbine Memorial with an arrow pointing across the lawn toward a hill.  The memorial is set in Rebel Hill, hidden from view and shielded from the noise of the surrounding park. It's a quiet, peaceful spot, but not empty.  There were little kids, students and families walking around, reading the plaques.  A visiting high school baseball team was there, just after finishing their game. Some of them at the fountain, some walking up to the top of Rebel Hill with its look-out over the memorial, the park and the high school fields.

Columbines - Colorado state flower, namesake of the town and high school

This is a photoblog and the pictures are supposed to carry the story.  But the Columbine Memorial is about words.  A circle in the center is dedicated to the thirteen victims - 12 students and one teacher - who were killed that day.  A memorial to each, some of the words hopeful and some bitter, surrounds a marble ribbon on the ground “Never Forgotten”.  Ringing the memorial are the words of the people who survived.  Students, teachers, parents and people from the town, the community. 

I remember seeing the news coverage of the shooting years ago, and wanting just to get home and hug my kids.  And after stumbling onto the memorial that afternoon, I came out with the same feeling.  I hadn't forgotten, not really.  Neither had the town.

Sunset over the Rockie's Front Range - looking west from Rebel Hill

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Heart

Mid-May at Hudson Gardens in Littleton.  Only the earliest flowers have bloomed - it will be another month or so before the show really starts here.  I'll be back.

Monday, May 28, 2012

On the Coast

MaineCoast_1 by jim.colleran

I've only been away from the east coast for a few weeks. But all it took was a weekend trip to Maine to remind me what I really missed.

Driving passed the docks at Bath, along the seacoast to Westport Island, there's something about the seaside. Add to that a beautiful wedding on the water (sure I'm biased, it was my son's), and I'll tell you - the mountains are great, but I feel at home near the sea.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Whole New Landscape

South Valley Park by jim.colleran

Canyon Song Trail in South Valley Park - Jefferson County Open Space in Littleton Colorado.

"Just Looking Around" has moved from Connecticut to Colorado - it's just one state away on the alphabetical list, but half a country away and a whole new world. From sea level to mile high, from seacoast and river valleys to high mountain prairies. But there are trails to hike, landscapes and citiscapes to photograph - maybe it's not that far off.

So far I've traded chipmunks for prairie dogs, and chiseled traprock cliffs for weathered red rock monuments. And that's only the first week. Let's see what comes next.

More scenery?  Check out Carmi's Thematic Photographic - Bushes and Trees.
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